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Company Profile

Wenzhou Jiaxun Electrical Co., Ltd.

Professional Manufacturer And Researcher of Nylon Cable Gland, Metal Cable Gland, Brass Cable Gland, Stainless Steel Cable Gland, Nylon Cable Tie, Stainless Steel Cable Tie, Nylon Flexible Conduit, Nylon Conduit Fitting, Metal Flexible Conduit, Metal Conduit Fitting, Brass Conduit Adaptor, Nylon Hose Clamp, Metal Hose Clamp, Stainless Steel Hose Clip, Stainless Steel Hose Clamp Etc Cable Accessories for Cable Connection And Protection in China. Products Got UL(E356742), CE, TUV CERTIFICATES and REACH, ROHS, IP68, EX, UV RESISTANT, HALOGEN FREE Test Reports by SGS. Owning to Strict Quality Control, Advanced Machining Processes, Innovative Enterprise Conception and Professional Technical Team, Our Company Develop Very Fast So As to Expand The Market Continually and Has Been Passed The International Certificates of ISO9001:2008.


Company Mission

create quality value for customers, create development opportunities for employees, maximize profits for the company,Realize a win-win situation with a strong core force

Corporate Philosophy

Integrity opens the door to business and lays the foundation for quality.

Management Concept

establish business with perseverance, persevere, work together, clear rewards and punishments

Business Approach

integrity, gratitude, environmental protection

Employee Spirit

safe production, enthusiastic service, excellence, and actions speak louder than words


Our Four Major Product Types

Nylon Cable Tie

It is widely used in electronics factories, motors, lighting, computer cables, electronic toys and other products, the fixing of cable lines on ships, the fixing of oil pipelines of mechanical equipment, and the packaging of bicycles or bundling other objects. Sturdy body design, longer service life. 7 inches. Good corrosion resistance, good insulation, not easy to age, and strong endurance. The oval, low head eliminates obstacles and makes it easier to pass through the partition without sharp edges.

Tainless Steel Cable Tie

Stainless steel cable ties are designed to secure horses, cables, utility poles, pipes, etc. under harsh environmental conditions that may adversely affect the strapping application. This product can be used where corrosion, vibration, radiation and extreme temperatures need to be considered. The stainless steel cable tie is very strong, and the 1:3 mixture of stainless steel and nylon cable tie can fix heavy power cables very firmly. Anti-ultraviolet, low-smoke, halogen-free, self-locking, ball bearing mechanism, quick installation.

Terminal Connectors

As a kind of connector, the terminal is an important component in the electrical industry. It plays an irreplaceable and non-negligible role. Because engineers and technicians firstly check the interface when overhauling. That is, the terminal starts, so the terminal The design is particularly important. It is convenient and simple to use. You only need to press it with a vise to complete the connection. You can directly insert the wire into the wiring hole of the terminal, and the connection can be completed by pressing or spinning in one simple action.

Wire Accessories

Cables and conduits provide a reliable and effective method to get power where it is needed, but this does not mean that it is always the best method. Busway can save space, while providing cheaper and more flexible power distribution solutions for applications that need to change and adapt. Wire troughs, also known as wire troughs, wiring troughs, and wire troughs, are electrical appliances used to organize power cables, data cables and other wire materials and fix them on the wall or ceiling.