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high quality fastening tape with printed

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● Length: 25mm per roll.
● Width: 12.5,16,20,25,30,38,50,75,100,125mm.

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30 standard colors are available for our book&loop tabes. Because it is different to organize, different to some extent while dyeing generally regard 80% as the acceptable standard to the color rate.

Nylon cable ties are also called: cable ties, cable ties, cable ties, cable ties. The operating temperature is -20°C to +80°C. Strong pulling force, not easy to break, fireproof and cold resistant. The most important evaluation focus of nylon cable tie is its tripping force. When a certain force is applied, whether it is broken, or reversed teeth, or the head is cracked, the breaking method must be above the nominal value of tension. The tie is made of weather-resistant and UV-resistant nylon, which is durable. Good quality cable ties are flexible and extensible when stretched. There will be no direct fracture section and no brittleness. Can be used indoors and outdoors. Easy to use and simple structure. UV/ozone resistance, oil and grease resistance, solvent resistance, oil resistance. In order to be able to fix the items firmly when in use, people often pull the nylon cable ties desperately, but please do not exceed the tensile strength of the nylon cable ties. Do not tie up the items with corners, which will greatly shorten the service life of nylon cable ties and even cause danger. The diameter of the object to be bound cannot exceed the nylon cable tie, and a part of it must be kept, at least 100mm or more. The use of nylon cable ties, in addition to manual strapping, there is also a very convenient and fast tool that can be used for strapping, that is, the cable tie gun. When the cable tie gun is used, please determine according to the size and width of the cable tie. The strength of the tie gun used.

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