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high quality ball type knot ties

Short Description:

● Material: Nylon 66 certificated by UL.

● Usage: Beaded design keeps wires from shifting or slipping.

Cable ties are used to securely hold together and organize cables or wires. Our cable ties are tested by an external testing company before leaving the factory to ensure the highest level of quality and strength. All cable ties are packed in a bag of 100. With thousands of applications, this wide range of cable ties will meet all needs from the smallest to the largest and unlimited supply. It is made of nylon polyamide 6/6 with a flammability rating of UL 94 V2 and a dielectric strength of 50,000 volts/mm. The effective working temperature is -40°C to +85°C. It is resistant to external reagents and external factors, and a variety of colors are available. These cable ties can be tightened by hand or using one of our tensioning tools. High tensile strength and low insertion force, excellent weather resistance; aging resistance and external agent resistance; self-locking, can be applied quickly and easily. Our standard cable ties comply with European directives: ROHS-2002/95/EC, ELV-2000/53/EC, WEEE-2002/96/EC.

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It is widely used in electronics factories, motors, lighting, computer cables, electronic toys and other products, the fixing of cable lines on ships, the fixing of oil pipelines of mechanical equipment, and the packaging of bicycles or bundling other objects. Sturdy body design, longer service life. 7 inches. Good corrosion resistance, good insulation, not easy to age, and strong endurance. The oval, low head eliminates obstacles and makes it easier to pass through the partition without sharp edges.

The advantages are:

1. Thickened buckle, thickened internal analysis position, uniform and tight, strong biting force.

2. The tighter the tie, the smaller the tie, and the humanized stop-return design prevents items from falling.

3. The end of the cable tie is equipped with cross-tooth anti-skid, which is easy to install and pick up.

4. The surface of the cable tie and the lock is smooth, without obvious burrs, and it is not easy to scratch the skin.

5. The cable tie is pressed by high technology, the gear is clear, the toughness is strong, it is not easy to loosen when jammed, not easy to slip, and not easy to break.

The high-performance self-locking nylon cable tie has a steel locking handle that provides high-performance pull-out strength in a 2-piece design head. The design has a stop function. This cable tie is ideal for general cable tie applications such as wire management, air handling spaces (ventilation chambers), and flexible conduits and cable supports. The tensile rating is up to 30 pounds. There are two ways to untie the tie. The first is to cut it with a knife or scissors. It is simple and convenient, but it cannot be reused. The second is that we can find the top of the tie and use smaller items or Press the nail down gently, so that the tie will automatically loosen, and then slowly pull it out. The ribbed body prevents sliding, and the non-sliding tail can be easily grasped during tensioning.


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