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Development and application of nylon cable ties

National standard (import and export) self-locking nylon cable ties.
Before the socialization of nylon cable ties, when traditional processing techniques were used to fix wires or objects, ropes or cable ties were generally used, also known as cable ties.
In the traditional whole process, the traditional rope and wire frame are slowly withdrawn from the sales market, and more and more companies and processing factories are using leather straps more initially. This involves the following aspects.
1. Traditional ropes and threads are generally made of polyethylene or textile materials. With the change of time, this raw material will quickly weather the layer or rot, resulting in unchanged objects after application.
2. Like traditional PVC cable ties, it must use wires to improve its ductility and tensile strength, but because some PVC shapes will separate or age over time, the wires will be immediately exposed to the object. When applied to wires and home appliances, there is a risk of electrical conductivity.
3. Whether it is rope or traditional binding, it is relatively inconvenient in operation, the scope of actual operation by employees is also difficult to be the same, and the cost of human capital is also high. The application of the self-locking leather strap is relatively simple, and the convenient way of operating the same scale has produced a high practical effect for the company.
4. Nylon cable ties have high tensile strength, impact resistance and strong corrosion resistance. In addition, polyester itself also has a certain flame retardant grade in the field, which can achieve 94V2, but these advantages cannot be used in traditional ropes and ties.
5. In recent years, traditional polyethylene raw materials, especially the environmental protection regulations clearly put forward by Europe, are difficult to meet the standards formulated by the European Union. In addition, because the traditional wiring must use a lot of wires, the price of steel in China has risen, and the price has a certain risk, thus losing the sales market.
In general, the prospects of the nylon tie industry are relatively stable.

Post time: Apr-13-2022