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Nylon cable ties new breakthroughs do not break the nylon cable ties

Winter to, we all know that this thing to the plastic after the winter will become very brittle, what is the reason?

Plastic is the main component of macromolecular aggregates, macromolecules characterized by low temperature when the slow movement, high temperature, fast movement. In the winter, the molecular movement is slow, when the plastic by external force, the object deformation, due to molecular motion is slow, external force is not easy to pass away (equalize internal stress) or consumed (molecular chain friction), so prone to stress concentration, When the internal stress to a certain extent, the macromolecules on the broken, triggering cracks, cracks will be cited stress concentration and dissemination of plastic on the broken.

Approach: In general, a small amount of moisture injected into the bag can reduce the fracture.

It is widely used in electronics factories, motors, lighting, computer cables, electronic toys and other products, the fixing of cable lines on ships, the fixing of oil pipelines of mechanical equipment, and the packaging of bicycles or bundling other objects. Sturdy body design, longer service life. 7 inches. Good corrosion resistance, good insulation, not easy to age, and strong endurance. The oval, low head eliminates obstacles and makes it easier to pass through the partition without sharp edges.

The advantages are:

1. Thickened buckle, thickened internal analysis position, uniform and tight, strong biting force.

2. The tighter the tie, the smaller the tie, and the humanized stop-return design prevents items from falling.

3. The end of the cable tie is equipped with cross-tooth anti-skid, which is easy to install and pick up.

4. The surface of the cable tie and the lock is smooth, without obvious burrs, and it is not easy to scratch the skin.

5. The cable tie is pressed by high technology, the gear is clear, the toughness is strong, it is not easy to loosen when stuck, not easy to slip, not easy to break

Post time: Oct-15-2019