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The difference between single wall heat shrink tube and double wall heat shrink tube

Obviously, as can be seen from the name, one of the differences between double wall heat shrink tube and single wall heat shrink tube is that double wall heat shrink tube is double, while the general single wall heat shrink tube has only one layer. So, what are the differences between the properties of single-walled and double-walled? The following are specific details.
Single Wall Heat Shrink Tubing
The production process of the single-wall heat shrinkable tube is to extrude the polymer or polymer aluminum alloy, and obtain a cylindrical intermediate product according to the extruded polymer or polymer aluminum alloy, and then chemically exchange it in the irradiance (or organic chemistry). After joining, heating and expansion, cooling and forming. The single-wall heat shrink tube is easy to fold. Soft. Environmental protection. Flame retardant advantage, but single-wall heat shrink tubing cannot be used in wet and cold conditions.
Double Wall Heat Shrink Tubing
The double-wall heat-shrinkable tube is composed of outer wall thickness and inner hot melt adhesive, and the wall is an irradiance cross-chain. Flame-retardant isoprene rubber, internal hot-melt adhesive, melted after heating, can fully exert the functions of sealing, moisture-proof, anti-rust treatment and anti-corrosion. It has a large operating temperature range and can seal different types of cable bundles. Hot melt adhesives can create a reasonable natural barrier to water and vapor. Maintain cables from corrosion and leakage hazards. The double-wall heat-shrinkable tube has a high degree of shrinkage, and very few models and specifications can seal the connectors and components in the large diameter range.
Another difference in placement specs:
If you put single wall heat shrink tube and double wall heat shrink tube together for a long time, you will find that single wall heat shrink tube can be used, but double wall tube can’t be used.
Such things are also caused by the hot melt glue of the double wall pipe. Because of the placement requirements for hot melt adhesives, the placement specifications for double-wall heat shrink tubing are different from single-wall heat shrink tubing.
Naturally, double-wall heat shrink tubing has the same distinction as single-wall heat shrink tubing.
1. Comply with environmental protection standards such as ROHS.REACH.UL.
2. High quality hot melt adhesive and high shrinking ratio give good airtightness.
3 Soft. External flame retardant.
4 Thermal shrinkage ratio: 2:1.3:1.4:1, which can be used as insulation resistance and sealing maintenance for non-standard objects.

Post time: Mar-16-2022