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Tips to prevent nylon cable ties from embrittlement

Will nylon cable ties become brittle during ultra-low temperature operation?
Do nylon cable ties become brittle in ultra-low temperature conditions or after winter? what is the reason?
The main component of nylon cable ties is plastic, which is a high polymer raw material polymer. The characteristic of molecular chaperones is that the exercise speed is relatively slow under ultra-low temperature, and the exercise speed is accelerated under continuous high temperature. At ultra-low temperature, the thermal motion of molecular formula is relatively slow. When the nylon tie is subjected to external force, the cement block will deform. Because the molecular thermal motion is slow, the external force is not easy to transmit (average internal stress) or consume (molecular structure chain friction), so it is easy to cause internal stress. When the thermal stress reaches a certain level, it will crack, causing gaps, and the nylon cable ties will crack.
How to deal with this problem?
The first method is to add small molecular water raw materials in the manufacture of nylon tapes. In the event, the molecular force transmission of polyurethane elastomer raw materials has the estimated actual effect, but the cost of this method is too high, and it is only used in some different processing and manufacturing industries, such as the research of Xinkou technical raw materials and safety fire fighting equipment .
The second method, when the nylon belt is used in the daily life of the ultra-low temperature standard, it can complete the simple heating first, such as covering the heating with a good hand or using a hair dryer for short-term heating.
The third method is to apply the nylon connection process as smoothly as possible to promote the transmission of the positive and intermediate force of the plastic molecular structure.
Summary: These three methods are the most popular right now. It can effectively reduce accidental damage in the use of nylon cable ties. In fact, it is not only suitable for nylon cable ties, but also for all plastic crafts.

Post time: Apr-21-2022