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What are the materials of heat shrinkable tubes (introduction of heat shrinkable tube materials)

Heat shrinkable tube material PE heat shrinkable tube, most of the heat shrinkable tube is made of PE, EVA, isoprene rubber and other materials mixed. PE heat shrinkable tube has the characteristics of heating, heat collection and tight wrapping on the quilt because of its raw materials through a series of production processes. Generally speaking, PE heat-shrinkable tube has the characteristics of cable sheath safety protection against corrosion and leakage, and low-voltage PE heat-shrinkable tube also has a unique practical effect of decoration design, which can often be seen in daily life, such as door handles and mop heads. , Clothes zipper.
What is heat shrinkable tube material (detailed introduction of heat shrinkable tube material)
PE heat shrinkable tubes can be divided into 1kv, 10kv and 35kv heat shrinkable tubes according to the compressive strength level. The hues of 1kvPE heat shrinkable tubes are mostly red, green, light yellow, dark blue, dark gray, milky white and light green. The 10kv and 35kvPE heat shrinkable tubes have fewer hues, only red (rust red), green and light yellow. There are also some differences in their specifications and specifications. If you want to know more about the staff who call the phone number inquiries, please check and buy.
Just talking about the heat shrinkable tube material high pressure polyethylene heat shrinkable tube, the following details the heat shrinkable tube material silicone rubber heat shrinkable tube, the silicone rubber heat shrinkable tube is also known as the heat shrinkable film silicone rubber heat shrinkable tube, which is the component of the electronic device. In particular, it is required to have the actual effect of cable sheath maintenance. It is generally used for electrical products, lighting lamps, and medical equipment. Its heat resistance can reach 200 °C, and it can also be called high temperature heat shrinkable tube. This kind of products is not produced and processed, and the production is made of silicone rubber cold-shrinkable products, such as silicone rubber cold-shrinkable cable accessories (cold-shrinkable smart terminal head, cold-shrinkable positive middle connection), cold-shrinkable insulating sleeves and a series of cold-shrinkage products product. Through a series of production processes, silicone rubber cold-shrinkable products promote the construction of finished products, and have the advantages of saving time, effort, time, energy and cost during operation. Generally speaking, during operation, the milky white plastic fulcrum in the cold shrinkable parts tube must be gently obtained before installation. The high elastic packaging of the cold shrinkable parts itself can be as tight as the cable.
Today I will also talk about heat shrinkable tube shrinkable tube materials. In fact, heat shrinkable tube materials also include PTFE heat shrinkable tubes, FEP heat shrinkable tubes, glue heat shrinkable tubes, flame retardant heat shrinkable tubes, etc., which are all different types of heat shrinkable tube materials. Next time I can give you a major detailed introduction.
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