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What is a nylon cable tie

Nylon cable ties, as the name suggests, are straps for binding things. Nylon cable ties are also called: cable ties, cable ties, cable ties, cable ties.
Nylon cable ties include: self-locking nylon cable ties, label nylon cable ties, four-button nylon cable ties, tamper-proof (lead seal) nylon cable ties, fixed head nylon cable ties, latch (airplane head) nylon cable ties, bead holes Nylon cable ties, fishbone nylon cable ties, weather-resistant nylon cable ties, etc.
Due to the particularity of the product (thin wall and large injection molding process), nylon cable ties are very particular about the mold, injection molding process and materials. Generally, new manufacturers need a long groping process to produce qualified products. The design has a stop function (except the four-in-one deduction), which can only be tied more tightly, and a detachable cable tie (four-in-one buckle).
The nylon cable ties are made of UL-approved nylon-66 (nylon-66) material by injection molding, with a fire rating of 94V-2, with good acid resistance, corrosion resistance, insulation, aging resistance, and strong bearing capacity. The working temperature is -20°C to +80°C (normal nylon 66). Widely used in electronic factories, bundling TVs, computers and other internal connecting lines, fixing internal circuits of lamps, motors, electronic toys and other products, fixing oil pipelines of mechanical equipment, fixing cables on ships, packaging or bundling bicycles and other objects, Also used for bundling farming, gardening, crafts and other items. The product has the characteristics of fast binding, good insulation performance, self-locking fastening, and convenient use.
Nylon cable ties are widely used in Christmas gift factories, electronics factories, wire processing factories, wire and cable factories, toy factories, festivals, stationery department stores, fresh supermarkets, residential daily necessities, electrical appliances, connectors and other items.

Post time: Sep-20-2022