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What are the commonly used nylon cable ties

Nylon cable ties are widely used in different fields. There are the following types according to the type and main use. When applying, customers should pay attention to its unique flame retardant properties and heat resistance. Many cable ties are broken during the entire application process, which is mainly caused by the application environment, so you need to pay attention to your own application environment when purchasing cable ties.
Heat-resistant nylon cable ties: The raw material is polyester 66, and the nylon cable ties have a fire rating of 94V-0, acid resistance, corrosion resistance, high-quality insulation, not easy to age, and strong durability. The product has been certified by UL according to the processing technology, and the new environmental protection material of SGS has been determined, with a heat resistance of more than 150 degrees. This product is acid-resistant, corrosion-resistant, and has a high-quality insulating layer, which is not easy to age and has strong durability. Available in minus 40 to 90 degrees.
Bolt nylon cable ties: The raw material is polyester 66, the fire rating is UL94V-2, and suitable rohs raw materials are configured. Press the power plug into the pre-drilled hole until it locks, then twist the cord.
Live tie belt: The material is polyester 66, the fire rating is UL94V-2, and the configuration is suitable for rohs, which can be loosened and used frequently. Colors are white and gray black, other colors can be customized.
Marking cable ties: The material is polyester 66, and the fire rating is UL94V-2. The nylon cable ties are equipped with suitable rohs, and there is a vacancy on the top of the cable tie head, which can be freely written on it.
Gold and silver cable ties: This product has good acid resistance, corrosion resistance, good insulation performance, is not easy to age, and has strong bearing capacity. Can be applied at minus 40 to 90 degrees. There are also anti-ultraviolet light gray black, and other colors are available for customization. Can be used for gift, food, decorative design packaging. Complete specifications and models, unique specifications and models can be customized.
PET environmental protection transformer iron core belt: also known as iron wire, rubber wire, magician belt, the product has good operational flexibility, and has kinetic energy such as acid resistance, alkali corrosion resistance, oxidation resistance, non-rust steel skin damage, etc. According to the whole process of SGS environmental protection product certification, it is suitable for the regulations of the European Union and other countries. It is suitable for binding all kinds of household appliances, wires, gardens, gardens, small toys, artworks, food packaging bags, wires, cables, software and other commodities. Milky white, fully transparent, bright red, emerald green, dark blue, light yellow. There are two kinds of fashionable polyethylene and harmless. To put it bluntly, it is non-toxic, in fact, it is low lead, low cadmium, and scale of operation. There are: double-sided, single-layer, annular, egg-shaped can be customized with unique specifications and models, and laser cutting has different lengths.
V0 grade flame retardant tape: the raw material is polyester 66, the fire rating is UL94V-0, and the suitable rohs raw material is configured. It is likely to be heat-resistant to 130°C and not easily ignited at sustained high temperatures.
High temperature impact resistance Low temperature resistance: The material is polyester 66, the fire rating is UL94V-2, and the suitable rohs material is installed. And it has good ductility and is not easy to break under extremely cold and high temperature conditions.
Fixed head nylon cable tie: The raw material is made of polyester 66 raw material, with a fire rating of 94V-2, acid resistance, corrosion resistance, high-quality insulation, not easy to age, and strong bearing capacity. Features: After bundling the wires, fix the whole bundle of wires on the base material with screws. It is generally used for bundling TV sets, electronic computers, electrical products, lighting fixtures, electric motors, electric toys, industrial equipment oil pipelines, ship cables, bicycle packaging or bundling other objects. It can also be used for agriculture and animal husbandry, gardening, and handicrafts. It is also used in various shopping malls and large-scale markets in Europe and the United States and other countries. The device has the characteristics of fast bundling, good insulation, locking, and convenient use. The color of business scale is milky white, gray-black and other unique colors, and special specifications and models can be customized.

Post time: Mar-03-2022