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What is a stainless steel cable tie?

As one of the commonly used equipment in daily life, cable ties can often be seen in the sales market, but what a large number of people grasp is that the cable ties are made of plastic, a kind of polyester cable ties with relatively strong binding force. In fact, cable ties are also made of stainless steel.
Stainless steel cable tie is a kind of stainless steel product suitable for industrial production to bind and fix the function. Because it uses stainless steel plates, it has the characteristics of resistance to solvent attack substances (acid, alkali, salt and other organic chemical corrosion). . At the same time, stainless steel cable ties are not limited by the appearance and specifications of the objects to be tied. The simple buckle structure simplifies the diversification of traditional hoops, and the excellent fixing characteristics ensure the safety of the objects to be tied. Stainless steel ties Anti-corrosion and heat-resistant raw materials ensure the beauty of the natural environment and fire safety regulations.
There are three common stainless steel plates. The corrosion resistance of 201, 304, and 316 has also increased. Therefore, when purchasing stainless steel cable tie, it is easy to select the corresponding material according to the project needs and the natural environment of the application. In fact, you can refer to the following three points
1. The first thing to determine is the load of the objects tied up by yourself, whether it is a corrosive natural environment or a general geographical environment, and select clear materials
2. Determine the regulations for the objects to be strapped, whether they require very tight tightening, or just general tightening, hard, hard or soft tightening, and clarify different styles of cable ties, such as rolled stainless steel ties , Plastic-coated stainless steel cable tie, file format stainless steel cable tie, bead type, plating these
3. In the end, the well-known brand must be clarified. The first thing to do is to meet its own regulations. Choose the best-known brand with high cost-effectiveness. There is also a lot of water. The more cost-effective is not necessarily the better. Some cable ties are more cost-effective than more products. Obviously, the manufacturer may cut corners and control materials.8

Post time: Dec-20-2021