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Nylon cable tie production generally need to pay attention to what

Single 6 with the ratio of 6 must be with a good mix of different season to a small adjustment, add the amount of release agent to be adjusted according to seasonal changes

After adding the proportion of material to crush control to good, can not mix too much into a single, black with the color to add less, do black, the masterbatch selection is very important

Injection temperature when the staff can not be transferred too high, as out of the cable ties are crisp, and nylon molecular structure is completely destroyed, a great impact on the tension

Injection molding time, injection time, what must be transferred, the mold is now fully automatic, the output is increased, but pay attention to the bubble, injection time is short, the product is prone to bubbles, affecting the appearance

For mold up, a product should be detected, especially small size, pay attention to the above have not lost teeth, teeth, eccentric and so on.

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The high-performance self-locking nylon cable tie has a steel locking handle that provides high-performance pull-out strength in a 2-piece design head. The design has a stop function. This cable tie is ideal for general cable tie applications such as wire management, air handling spaces (ventilation chambers), and flexible conduits and cable supports. The tensile rating is up to 30 pounds. There are two ways to untie the tie. The first is to cut it with a knife or scissors. It is simple and convenient, but it cannot be reused. The second is that we can find the top of the tie and use smaller items or Press the nail down gently, so that the tie will automatically loosen, and then slowly pull it out. The ribbed body prevents sliding, and the non-sliding tail can be easily grasped during tensioning.

Post time: May-09-2021