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The method of making terminal fittings of cold shrink cable accessories

1 Introduction

In the modern change, distribution project, the cable for its construction and maintenance convenience, high reliability, power supply can be widely used, cold shrink cable head is also its unique advantages are widely used.

2 features

Cold shrink the cable head, on-site construction is simple and convenient, the cold shrink tube is flexible, as long as the out of the inner core nylon support, can be tightly attached to the cable, do not need to use heating tools to overcome the heat shrinkable material in the cable runs, Due to thermal expansion and contraction arising from the thermal shrinkage material and the gap between the cable body.

3 Scope of application

This method is applicable to 10 ~ 35KV three-core cable terminal head of the production.

4 process principle

The use of cold shrink tube shrinkage, so that cold shrink tube and cable completely close, while sealing the port with a semiconductor self-adhesive tape, it has a good insulation and waterproof moisture effect.

5 production steps

Stripping jacket, steel armor and lining → fixed steel armored wire → wrapped around filling plastic → fixed copper shielded ground wire → fixed cold shrink finger, cold shrink tube → terminal crimping → fixed condensation terminal → sealed port → test.

Stripping the jacket, steel armor and lining layer straighten the cable, wipe, stripped from the installation location to the terminal of the outer sheath, steel armor 30mm, 10mm inner liner, and with Zhasi or PVC tape wound steel Armor to prevent loose. Copper shield with PVC tape wrapped tight end, to prevent loose and scratch the cold shrink tube.

Wire connector processing method

1. Wire insulation wrapping: The easiest way is to splice it first, then enamel tin, and then wrap it with high-strength insulating tape.

2. Wire crimping cap wiring method: The second standard wire connection method is crimping cap wiring method. This method is the safest, most standard and also the most practical way of connecting wires.

3. The method of using the junction box: Only one wire is allowed to connect in the junction box and the terminal. Remind everyone that every wire must be protected by a string tube.

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